Jacy Wang

Ruby on Rails Developer/Digital Analyst

Start My New Journey

Today is Nov 23rd, 2014 and I just finished Lesson 3 on TeaLeaf Academy.

It has been three weeks since I joined the program and I was surprised by the progress I made. In three weeks, I built up three games in two different approach, procedural and OO. Then game Blackjack was upgraded from the command line to the web by using Sinatra. And today I have my own blog based on Octopress. This is awesome!

Before joining the program, I have been going through different tutorials online but in the end, I’m still wondering where I should start and lacking confidence in building up web applications. After doing a lot of research and visiting bootcamps in Toronto, I chose TeaLeaf because it’s online, cheaper and I don’t need to quit my full time job. Its alumni also gave very positive feedback.

Why am I doing this? To make more money. Yes, that’s why I started. But as I get more and more knowledge and practice, it becomes more and more interesting for me. I love it! Two hours a day from Monday to Friday and over 10 hours in the weekend were spent on it. I’m addicted to it, like chocolate.

I know it’s a long process and requires patience and commitment to become really good at it. But it’s never too late to start. I would like to record this experience and write down the tips I learnt and mistakes I made.

Hello world!