Jacy Wang

Ruby on Rails Developer/Digital Analyst

Review on Introduction to Ruby and Web Development

Just deployed the Blackjack game to heroku and this marks the end of TeaLeaf Academy first course - Introduction to Ruby and Web Development.

I started the program on Oct 26th, 2014 and it took me exactly one month to complete the course. I wouldn’t say it’s a hard course, but absolutely not easy. It has been such a great experience for me that I would highly recommend.

For future reference, I will list what I have done and learnt here.

Github repos

  1. Paper Rock Scissors - Procedural and OOP

  2. Tic Tac Toe - Procedural and OOP

  3. Madlibs - Procedural

  4. Blackjack - Procedural, OOP and Sinatra version

Concepts and tips to note

  • Namespace is a way to group classes in Ruby and differentiate from other classes with the same name.

  • To remove a directory with files inside, rm -R dir.

  • Use pry to debugging.

require 'pry'
  • OOP introduction from zetcode.com.

  • There are so manny more to write that I will put them in separate blogs.

Tools and resources